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Floor guide

The T-CAT building has a number of essential services to make traveling easier, such as a Baggage storage to consign large luggage and currency exchange for changing foreign currency into Japanese yen. There are also a number of inexpensive restaurants, including Japanese cuisine. We look forward to seeing you.

Travelex T-CAT【We are temporarily closed.】Main building 3F


We offer a wide selection of 31 currencies, including US dollars, euros, and New Taiwan dollars. The process is easy and convenient, as you do not need to fill out a currency exchange form. We kindly await your visit.

Business hours 7:00~17:00
Holiday Open all year round Phone No. 03-5649-8020
Credit card
  • JCB
  • Mastercard
  • ライフカード

T-CAT Tourist Information CenterMain building 1F

Tourist Information Center_観光案内所

We provide tourist, traffic and hotel information free of charge in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.

Business Hours 9:00~17:00 Holiday Open all year round
Phone No. 03-3665-7308 Available languages Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
General services
  • Sale of "Tokyo Subway Ticket"
    Tickets for unlimited travel on all Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines (for foreign tourists in Japan)
  • Sale of "Grutto Pass"
    Tickets containing admission tickets and discount tickets for museums, zoos, and other facilities mainly in Tokyo.
Credit card
    Cash Only

Baggage storageMain building 1F

Baggage storage

Deposit your luggage with the Baggage storage and go sightseeing.

Business Hours 9:00~17:00 Holiday Open all year round
Price 1 baggage: 600 yen/day (600 yen/day for extended storage)
Contact to 03-3665-7308
* Cash and valuables cannot be left with the Baggage storage.
Credit card
    Cash Only

For shops and restaurants, please see below.

Floor map


  • 100-yen shop Can Do_キャンドゥ
    2F 100-yen shop
    "Can Do"

  • Relaxation Re.Ra.Ku_リラク
    2F Relaxation

  • Seven-Eleven_セブンイレブン
    2F Convenience store

  • Suitengumae station dental_水天宮前ステーション歯科
    2F Dental clinic
    "Suitengumae Sta. Dental"

  • Act Flower_アクトフラワー
    1F Flower Shop
    "Act Flower"

    1F Barber shop
    "Hair Make Tool Yoshida"

  • KEYUCA_ケユカ
    1F Furniture and
    sundry goods "KEYUCA"

  • Seven-Eleven_セブンイレブン
    1F Convenience store

  • Post office_郵便局
    1F Post office
    "Post office T-CAT"

  • TOYOTA Rent a car_トヨタレンタカー
    B1 Rental car
    "TOYOTA Rent a Car"


  • Izakaya Dining Air_居酒屋ダイニング エアー
    2F Izakaya
    "Izakaya Dining Air"

  • CAFÉ de CRIÉ_カフェドクリエ
    2F Café
    "CAFÉ de CRIÉ"

  • FUKUSHIN_福しん
    2F Set meal/ramen

  • Komeraku no komeben_こめらくのこめべん
    2F Deli store
    "Komeraku no komeben"

  • McDonald's_マクドナルド
    2F Fast food

  • Chinese restaurant Ryuho_龍鳳
    2F Chinese restaurant

  • Soba resutaurant Sunaba_そば処 砂場
    2F Soba resutaurant

  • KEYUCA Deli_ケユカ デリ
    1F Casual restaurant
    "KEYUCA Deli"

  • Pizzeria IL VIAGGIO_ピッツェリア イルヴィアージョ
    1F Italian
    "Pizzeria IL VIAGGIO"

  • Sunada Don Don_すなだ どんどん
    1F Udon
    "Sunada Don Don"


  • Limousine bus reservation / information center03-3665-72209:00~18:00/Open all year round
  • Lost-and-found

    On Limousine bus 03-3665-72329:00~18:00/Open all year round

    In T-CAT building 03-3665-7150All day /Open all year round

  • Airport Limousine