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What is Tokyo City Air Terminal (T-CAT)?

What is T-CAT?


Tokyo City Air Terminal is affectionately called T-CAT. T-CAT is a gateway to travel to Narita Airport or Haneda Airport for trips and business tours using the limousine bus.

Restaurants and shops in this facility are used by businessmen and local customers as a convenient commercial space.

Four points of convenience

Convenience point No. 1Convenient to move in the airport

Convenient to move in the airport

The limousine bus arrives in front of the airport departure lobby.
The check-in counter is easy to find immediately, even for those not used to traveling by airplane.
As there is no need to walk around the airport with heavy baggage,
it is more convenient than other means of transportation.

Convenience point No.2The limousine bus is punctual

As T-CAT is located near the entrance to the expressway, the limousine bus can drive smoothly to and from the airport. The transportation control system can check for daily traffic jams and blocked roads, e.g., due to bad weather. Therefore, there is no need to worry about delays.

Convenience point No. 3Discount fares

  • Discount fare to Narita Airport
  • Discount fare to Haneda Airport

Convenience point 4You can prepare for your trip, eat, and go shopping!

  • Tourist Information Center_観光案内所
    Tourist Information Center
  • Travelex_トラベレックス
    Currency exchange
  • McDonald's_マクドナルド
    Fast food
  • Seven-Eleven_セブンイレブン
    Convenience store

Floor map

Easy to move around.

It is easy to transfer from the subway to the limousine bus

It is easy to get to the bus station as T-CAT has a direct connection from the Suitengu-mae subway station. The indoor moving sidewalk is convenient even if you have heavy baggage. There is no need to worry about rain. It is recommended to use Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line and the others lines connected to it.

Convenient to change from taxi to bus

It is easy to take a taxi door to door from home or work to T-CAT. There is no need for concern even in the event of poor weather or you have heavy baggage as there are elevators and carts to move conveniently around T-CAT.


  • Limousine bus reservation / information center03-3665-72209:00~19:00/Weekdays 9:00~18:00/Saturday and holidays
  • Lost-and-found

    On Limousine bus 03-3665-72329:00~18:00/Open all year round

    In T-CAT building 03-3665-7150All day /Open all year round

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