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The T-CAT building has a number of essential services to make traveling easier, such as a Baggage storage to consign large luggage and currency exchange for changing foreign currency into Japanese yen. There are also a number of inexpensive restaurants, including Japanese cuisine. We look forward to seeing you.

Travelex T-CATMain building 3F

Travelex T-CAT

Foreign currency exchange, handling 33 currencies, including US dollar, Euro, as well as currencies used in North and South America, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, and African countries.

Business hours 7:00~17:00
Holiday Open all year around Phone No. 03-5649-8020
Credit cardElectronic money
Only JCB -

T-CAT Tourist Information Center(CategoryII)Main building 1F

T-CAT Tourist Information Center

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) information services with various brochures providing tourist information, e.g., information regarding sightseeing around Tokyo.

What is a 'TIC Certification Program' ?

Hours 9:00~17:00
Holiday Open all year around Phone No. 03-3665-7308

Baggage storageMain building 1F

Baggage storage

Deposit your luggage with the Baggage storage and go sightseeing. This will be especially helpful for foreign travelers to explore Nihonbashi area and Ningyo-cho area. After checking out of the hotel, leave your baggage and go sightseeing. When you return, retrieve your baggage and leave for the airport on the limousine bus.

Fare One baggage per one day: \600 (include tax)
Business hours 8:00~20:00(open all year round)
Baggage kept after midnight and retrieved the following day will incur an additional day's fee.
Contact to 03-3665-7308
* Cash and valuables cannot be left with the Baggage storage.

For restaurants and shops, please see below.

  • Chinese restaurant RYUHOU
    Chinese restaurant
  • Sushi Misakimaru
    Sushi Misakimaru
  • Soba resutaurant Sunaba
    Soba restaurant Sunaba


  • Limousine bus reservation / information center03-3665-72209:00~19:00/Weekdays 9:00~18:00/Saturday and holidays
  • Lost-and-found

    On Limousine bus 03-3665-72329:00~18:00/Open all year round

    In T-CAT building 03-3665-7150All day /Open all year round

  • Airport Limousine
  • Jupiter
  • Mainichi-ga-Ryokohaku Tour Expo
  • Mainichi-ga-Ryokohaku Tour Expo Blog